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Sunburn Female


Sunburn is a sativa-dominant hybrid that has smells of old, sweet genetics and is lime-green in appearance. Sunburn has a THC/CBG consistency of 20%/1%, and a sativa/indica balance of 80%/20%.


Sunburn was created by crossing the Island Sweet Skunk, Rug Burn OG and Gupta Kush strains. It is hold flavors of sweet fruity flavors, tropical citrus and a little earthiness. The Sunburn strain has bright orange hairs and vibrant crystal trichomes. Sunburn is a classic cannabis strain that is said to be traced back to the Vietnam War, when Vietnam Veteran’s brought Island Sweet Skunk back home with them. Sunburn is said to be potentially be able to help with treating fatigue, mood swings, depression, hypertension and much more.


Of course, as always, Cannathai CBD solutions suggest consulting a medical professional before purchasing any cannabis to treat any symptoms you may have.

Sunburn Female

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