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Sour Diesel is an indica dominant strain that has a high THC level of 23%-26% and is 90% indica 10% sativa. This strain is a bit of a mystery, however it is believed it was developed by crossing the Chemdawg and Super Skunk or OG Kush strains and has proved to be a very popular strain amongst users globally. Sour Diesel boasts a pungent flavor profile that includes earthy, herbal, gassy and lemon notes. When smoked, Sour Diesel produces a skunky haze that looks similar to diesel gas, but with aromas of a fruit orchard.


Sour Diesel as effects creating heightened cerebral energy, promoting the feeling of being active and creativity. It potentially may be used for patients that suffer from anxiety, depression, lack of energy, loss of appetite and fatigue. Some people suggest it may even help start ones day with its high-energy effects.


Of course, as always, Cannathai CBD solutions suggest consulting a medical professional before purchasing any cannabis to treat any symptoms you may have.

Sour Diesel

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