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Lemon Zkittlez is and sativa dominant hybrid strain that boasts approximately 23% THC and 60 % sativa with 40% indica. Lemon Zkittlez was developed by crossing the Las Vagas Lemon Skunk and Zkittlez strains. The sweet aroma and taste mixed with lemon citrus is what gives Lemon Zkittlez a distinctive flavor that people crave. The buds have beautiful buds that host light, medium and dark leaves with light and dark purple shining through.


People have reported effects of Lemon Skittlez making them giggly, relaxed and putting them in a good mood. Lemon Skittlez may potentially be used medically to treat anxiety, depression, insomnia and mild pain. It may be able to heighten productivity and increase creativity.


Of course, as always, Cannathai CBD solutions suggest consulting a medical professional before purchasing any cannabis to treat any symptoms you may have.

Lemon Zkittlez

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