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Critical Sour Diesel is a high CBD strain of cannabis which produces high yields and huge colas. Critical Sour Diesel was developed by crossing the Critical Bilbo, Sour Diesel and CBD Sativa strains. This strain of cannabis is highly mold resistant and is a hardy, fast growing plant, ensuring we can continue to keep supply for the ever-growing demand for medicinal cannabis. The strain has a Sativa/Indica balance of 60/40 respectively and a mix of 10% THC and 10% CBD. It is said to have a mixture of berry, fruit, fuel and pine flavors.


Others say that Critical Sour Diesel potentially can be used for people that experience anxiety, chronic pain, depression and insomnia. Of course, as always, Cannathai CBD solutions suggest consulting a medical professional before purchasing any cannabis to treat any symptoms you may have.

Critical Sour Diesel

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