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Chemdog Millionaire Guava is a high THC content strain that sits around 21%-24%. It is a 60/40 blend of indica/sativa. This strain flowers quickly and is easy to grow, making Chemdog Millionaire Guava one of our best-selling strains to licensed dispensaries. With enticing dark green buds that produce copious amounts of resin, this is sure to be a great product for any licensed dispensary to stock.


Chemdog Millionaire Guava is known to have a calming impact on the body, although most people will not fall asleep from the effects. It is said to relieve stress and anxiety whilst still maintaining a healthy balance of energy. Chemdog Millionaire Guava is believed to have a positive effect on inflammation, exhaustion, stress, anxiety, loss of appetite, and chronic pain.


Of course, as always, Cannathai CBD solutions suggest consulting a medical professional before purchasing any cannabis to treat any symptoms you may have.

Chemdog Millionaire Guava

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