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Cannathai CBD Solutions First Grow Near Completion

Cannathai CBD Solution's first grow of top shelf CBD and THC cannabis strains are nearing completion with a premeditated successful harvest and dry-cure to be complete in about 3 weeks time.

Cannathai have produced an amazing local Thai grown cannabis crop that is to a superior quality than most other CBD and THC products in Thailand, using our premium indoor facilities and proven scientific processes in order to achieve this. It is our aim to be the number one cannabis producer in Thailand, whilst also being sustainable and giving back to those in need. The results from the first grow are outstanding to say the least and can be seen in the below images from our first CBD and THC based grow in Thailand!


As mentioned before, Cannathai CBD Solution's ultimate goal is the be the best cultivation facility and wholesaler of premium cannabinoid products in Thailand. We have partnered with some of the best growers in Thailand that have are very reputable and respected in Thailand. Our master cannabis growers regularly holds masterclasses and consults with Thai Government Officials regarding cannabis in Thailand and the potential uses of Cannabis in Thailand.

Our master cannabis growers recently attended the G20 summit in Bangkok, Thailand, in order to discuss the cannabinoid market, the uses of CBD and THC products in Thailand and the potential benefits CBD and THC products can have. A link to the live broadcast from LIVE NBT2HD can be found here.

First Harvest of Cannabis at Cannathai CBD Solutions Premium Indoor Cannabis Facility in Thailand

We have now completed the first grow and have started harvesting some of the cannabis plants we have been growing in our premier Thai facility. With both having licenses to grow, distribute and export, it is an exciting time for all in the Cannathai CBD Solutions facility and we are looking forward to helping people with their medicinal cannabis needs. We are expecting that after the curing process is complete our products will be featured in a number of Thailand's premier entertainment venues and dispensaries for everyones needs and we will update you on where our premier top shelf cannabis is available soon. Please see the below gallery of our premium outdoor cannabis plants being prepared for harvest.

Cannathai CBD Solutions looks forward to giving you access to premium quality Cannabis in 2023!


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