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Specialising in tailoring high quality medical cannabinoid products cultivated to ensure our client's individual needs

About us


Cannathai is a small, Thai, family run business. Its collaborative ethos ensures we can continually hold ourselves to high standards and produce consistency and quality of product year in and year out. Cannathai has over a short period of time,  rapidly accelarated and diversified from the fruit and vegetable industry, to compete in the world trade markets in CBD supply. Cannathai has been able to adapt centuries old agricultural knowledge infused with scientific innovation to provide natural, outdoor grown, quality CBD hemp to the global cannaboid market. 

Our Specialisations

Cannathai is dedicated to providing quality CBD to the international medical, textile and food industries for its practical and therapeutic needs. Cannathai holds a cultivation permit in the region of Suphan Buri, Thailand.


Aid for Trade
World trade organisation 

Cannathai also ensures this quality and consistency of product is cultivated through strong ethical considerations that align with the World Trade Organisation, trade acts and agendas, such as - Aid for Trade. Cannathai understands the significance and impact Aid for Trade can have for small house holds in small rural communities and, is dedicated to enhancing young people's futures.  Cannathai also understands the importance to invest heavily and create strong ties to local charitable organisations to further enable young peoples education, access to career paths and safety within their communities. Cannathai ensures through its agricultural work schemes that aid reaches the people most in need within their communities and provides a network of practical benefits, community resilience and strong community ties, working to help prevent sexual and labour exploitation and substance misuse prevalent in low economic Thai communities.

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Investor Centre

There couldn't be a more exciting time to get interested in investing in what Europe is now dubbing, the Green Gold. Thailands laws, as from February 2021 have changed and the Thailand government are now issuing licences for the manufacture import, export of hemp CBD. This law has taken effect allowing cultivation for production of modern drugs, cosmetics and food products. 

Lets work together...


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Cannathai is in the process of developing stronger relationships with specific charitable organisations.

A vision for Cannathai's future, is to work closely with those rural communities and young people that are vulnerable to sexual and labor exploitation. Cannathai is dedicated to providing education and opportunities to steer people from rural communities away from the sex industry and provide job and future opportunities and prospects, to promote less substance misuse prevalent in rural communities.


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Cannathai's vision is to build an ecologically friendly sustainable business model. Here at Cannathai we feel it is important to use  investment to produce a natural product,that does not emphasise the importance for showy buildings and can be ecologically friendly to the environment. Cannathai aims to be a name that can be trusted to provide quality raw product to are partners in the medical industry.

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