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Applying Henry's Law For Oxygen Dissolved In Water To Cannabis Cultivation

You may have noticed in some of our blogs that Cannathai CBD Solutions are looking to be the number one cannabis cultivation facility in Thailand, we also want to be the number one exporter of cannabinoid products in Asia. To achieve this feat requires a rigorous process and the application of different scientific methods to increase the quality of our cannabis products.

Cannathai are a small family business that have the intention of helping the local Thai people that may be underprivileged due to circumstance due to where they where born. We work with our local community to increase their knowledge and encourage them to grow in our workplace for their future.

Recently Cannathai CBD Solutions have been working with our staff to apply Henry's Law in the application of increasing the amount of oxygen into the water that we are feeding our cannabis crops to increase yeild and quality.

In the below images you can see our amazing Thai staff doing equations to work out Henry's Constant to be able to add dissolved oxygen into the reverse osmosis water that we feed our crops.

After learning the application of Henry's Constant for the purpose of adding oxygen to water, our staff where also able to calculate a ROTA in order to ensure that the optimal amount of oxygenised water is added to our cannabis crops to ensure a stong and healthy yeild and growth is maintained.

Through ensuring that there are sufficient levels of oxygen in the water that we are feeding our crops, we are also increasing the plants overall health. They are able to develop a stronger conversion efficiency and develop stronger roots faster which further enhances the growth and flowering efficiency of the plants. Through introducing dissolved water into the plants, it also increases the resilience of the cannabis plants, ensuring that in the case of stressful conditions the plants will endure and still produce an excellent crop, keeping piece of mind for dispensaries that rely on our products.


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